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STREETSNAP SCANS!:D The quality is a bit iffy since I don't have a scanner and was pretty woozy. It's still very clear and around 800x600 each~ if anyone wants a better version of anything, just ask! Please click the links for the image, it's too big to direct link.

Emikyu 1

Oh god *spazzes* This is SO CUTE! It's an entire family with 3 daughters dressed in coordinating Shirely Temple jsks with their mothers in Emikyu. This is one of their older ballerina-emblem prints<3

Emikyu 2

A+Lidel blouse, Shirley Temple stripe skirt. She makes such an adorable schoolgirl!

Emikyu 3

Left: BTSSB with Moitie(?) shawl, Middle: Emikyu alice keys JSK, Right: Meta-everything

Emikyu 4

Even though Emikyu is famous for their prints, they make lovely non-print items too. I really like this girl's casual ensemble. It's not lolita "lolita" but very cute and chic~

Emikyu 5

Right: Angelic Pretty (I like her hair! it's a cool remix of the hime-cut) Left: Emikyu houndstooth coat with Beauty:Beast bag<3

Emikyu 6

Left: Jane Marple blouse, Shirley Temple ballerina-silhouette dress Right: Shirley Temple easter bunny print

Emikyu 7

Cardsuit cats print!<3 I love this print~ It's more on the "lolita" side of Emikyu and very cute. hahaha I still feel sad for missing the skirt in purple on Y!J T_T

Emikyu 8

Alice duchess skirt+bag with polkadot-laceweave socks. I think this is one of the better emikyu coordinates, and manages to match the different prints in a refreshing and cute way. I adore her velveteen jacket too ;_;
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